How To Stay In Shape While Injured

You got injured and now your focus has shifted to how to stay in shape while injured. You are a human being, a human being with better performance but still a human being. What we have as human beings is the power of healing. Depending on the type of injury, the process of healing may be shorter or may last longer. Whether you were training to compete or engaging in a sport to stay healthy, it is inevitable and from that point on all we can do is embrace it.

Be Fully Aware of Your Condition to Stay In Shape While Injured

First things first, you have to own it. Being fully aware of your condition means that you are fully informed about the injury itself and that you accept the new state you are in. The body may be used to constant physical effort and, therefore, will seek the same attempt in peacetime.

That is when your mind takes place; you have to be healthy and smart enough to know and feel how much of activity does your body need in those new conditions. Accept what you can not change at that moment and be patient. You only have one body, appreciate it.

Rehabilitate Wisely to Stay in Shape While Injured

As mentioned above, an athlete who was constantly exposed to intense physical activity will (even injured) need that same level of physical activity. The body needs to practice the way it did previously, but it is not able to in this brand-new conditions.

In mild forms of injuries, athletes should be recovering actively. Daily activities in which the body is moving, being moderately active, and which thereby enhance its rehabilitation.

When it comes to more substantial injuries, in which athletes are not able to have any activity at all, after a certain period, athletes should begin with isometric exercises and isometric contractions. Using isometric contraction exercises can do a lot to help athletes with more severe injuries because they improve accelerated muscle activation.

 Get Massage Therapy to Stay In Shape While Injured

The process of rehabilitation can be tiring and frustrating, but you can choose whether to be in that frustrating state of mind or to do your best to make conditions better. Sports injury massage can recover movement and lessen stiffness.

Massage provides relaxation that helps you focus on healthy recovery instead of anxiety and discomfort. By stimulating circulatory movement and relaxing muscles, massage helps the body pump more oxygen into tissues and vital organs.

Not only does the massage provide nutrients but it removes excess waste that can get built up during activities. This allows the rehabilitating injured area(s) to become more flexible and cure faster. In any case, as with exercises after injury, massage should conduct an expert.

Icing to Stay In Shape While Injured 

Worst case scenario if you can’t see a therapist is an ice. Ice can help reduce swelling and dull the pain. Especially within the first couple of days after you get hurt. Too much swelling can cause a bit of a traffic jam with all the fluids rushing in, which can cut off nearby cells from getting the oxygen they need to keep functioning. That is when icing an injury, also known as cryotherapy, can help.

When you put ice on the part of your body that is inflamed, the tissues and blood vessels contract -limiting how much blood and other fluids can get to the area and bringing down the swelling. If it is at a joint like if you sprain your ankle, you will be able to use it a little more.

Do not leave an ice pack for too long, if the injury site gets too cold your body will flood in even more blood cells and fluids, trying to warm it back up, also if you are still using the ice pack. Limiting cryotherapy to 10-20 minutes at a time is good. After that let your injury warm up for 10 minutes or so before putting the ice pack back on.

Take Your Time

A lot of people heal, do too much too fast and end up being injured again. Remember that even though you have done your rehab for the right amount of time do not rush into things.

Learn how to be patient and know your limits. Identify mistakes that led to your injury and minimize future risk. It is first when you are injured that you genuinely start appreciate being healthy.

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