Success Icons – 5 Traits You Need to Become One

Success icons like Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Mark Cuban and Steve Jobs are known worldwide for the wealth and value they have created. A lot of people think that the only thing unique about these people is that they are worth a lot of money. The truth is that they had to become people of value to be worth that much money. Becoming a success icon is more about who you become than it is about the amount of money you create. The money and the fame is just a result!

Success Icons

5 Common Traits of Success Icons

1. They Have Massive Visions

There is no doubt that success icons start out with massive visions. The vision is the thing that makes people say that they are crazy at first. As the vision starts to become a reality people admire them because deep down inside we all have dreams we want to follow.

It all starts with daring to believe in something big. Having a massive vision is scary because you don’t know where it came from and you have no idea how to bring it to life. It takes a lot of courage to have a vision because they are easy to shoot down. Most people can give you 1000 reasons why things will not work.

Success icons know that they only need one reason why it will work. That one reason will create a drive to bring the dream alive. You don’t have to be the smartest person in the world, but you do need to have a clear vision. The clarity of vision helps one to find everything else needed to be successful.

2. They Are Persistent Beyond Belief


Warren Buffett got his start in finance when he was 7. He understood what he wanted and that he needed a lot of time. In those years he faced many setbacks but he never lost sight of what he wanted.

  • Oprah was fired from her job
  • Walt Disney was always running out of money
  • Steve Jobs was fired from Apple

The list of examples of people who are persistent goes on and on. The success icons understand something that the rest of the world forgets. Great things take time. In that time there will be a lot of setbacks, and none of those setbacks should ever be confused with failure.

Failure is permanent. Setbacks are a temporary defeat. The keyword here is TEMPORARY! Success Icons know that the pain will not last if they can keep pushing. If 100% of people go after any goal. The first obstacle will wipe most of them out. By the time you get to barrier three less than 5% of people will be left.

That is fantastic news depending on which side of the coin you are on. When you are persistent, you begin to understand that more obstacles are a good thing. The more obstacles you have, the more valuable the success and the more people that will quit because it is too hard.

3. They Are Obsessive Readers

Succes icons all read like crazy because they know that there is so much to learn. Sometimes the only difference between success and a temporary defeat is how much you know. If you are ignorant about useful information, you will not be able to use it to your advantage.

Warren Buffett reads for 8 hours a day, and a lot of people say that the only reason he does is that he is a billionaire. The reality is that what makes people billionaires is the fact that they are ferocious learners. They do everything they can to learn as much as they can.

Success icons understand that reading is more important than just working hard. There are a lot of people just working hard. They wake up, and they give more effort and more of their time and wonder why they are not getting ahead. The reason they are not is that they don’t take the time to work on themselves.  Success icons know that working on yourself is the most important thing you can do.

4. They Are Always Themselves

Sucess icons do not try and be someone they are not. Much of your life you may have felt the pressure to become what others want. You want to please your parents, teachers, your boss, a partner in the list can be endless. You are never able to reach your fullest potential until you are who you are.

Think about it, you were made uniquely for a reason. If you were supposed to act like Jeff Bezos or Steve Jobs, you would have been them. A lot of people study success icons and then try and copy their personality, but they are missing the point.

People become successful because they are not afraid to be themselves. You don’t need to yell at your employees like Steve Jobs or be a computer nerd like Mark Zuckerburg. The best thing you can do is learn about you and be that person every day. That is what success icons do daily.

5. They Have Attractive Personalities

There are sure people that you get around and you want to spend more time with those people. Success icons know how to have a personality that attracts whatever it is they need. It does not matter if it is a new employee, an investor, or just a date. Success icons tend to have no trouble finding the right people in their life.

A pleasing personality is a combination of character, listening skills, and the general energy that you give off. People tend to be attracted to ambition, but when someone has a passion for what they do every day, you can feel that immediately.

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