Runners Body Tips – How To Build A Healthy Runners Body

A runners body is slim, cut and of very pleasing to the eye. The runners body has become something many people strive to have. We all come in various shapes and sizes. There are lifestyle decisions that we make that can have a significant influence on the way our bodies look. These factors include the type of food we eat, type of exercise we partake in and our stress levels. We will be focusing on what you have to do if you want to have a runners body.

What Is A Runners Body?

If you go to any race, be it a short distance race or a marathon, you will notice a variety of body shapes and sizes. But what it most consistent is a particular pattern found in people who have been running over the years.

They usually have a small frame, leaner body fat, and a reduced ankle and wrist circumference. It is essential that you don’t confuse a body that is low in fat with a runners body. Although they both have reduced body fat, a runner has to meet the other criteria.

RUnners body

What Are The Things You Must Do To Have A Runners Body?

Even though there is a genetic component to the particular body frame that runners have, a lot of hard work and disciplined eating habits will also help you achieve the same.

In this section of the article, we will discuss some of the lifestyle changes you have to make to attain your dream runners body.

Setting Goals

One of the first and essential steps you must take is to set goals. You must make sure that the goals you are setting weight goals that are realistic.

If you set a goal that is not realistic, there is a chance that you will get discouraged midway and quit altogether.

Grab a pen and some paper and write down your goals including the time frame during which you must have attained these goals.

Designing Your Diet

You cannot attain your ideal runners body without making changes to the type of food you eat. We all know that eating right is pretty tricky but it is not impossible to achieve. If you are not sure about the kind of food to cut out of your diet, you can contact a Dietician.

Dieticians are specialists in human nutrition and the regulation of diet. They can tailor the food you eat to suit your particular needs.

Start A Running Program

Diet alone will not get you a runners body; running also plays a significant role. You can contact your track coach or sports instructor to get you into a running program or draw up a working plan for you.

You will also need to purchase running gear such as comfortable running shoes. Start slowly by walking fast then progress into running about 2 to 4 times in a week.

Track Your Progress

Do not lose sight of the little progress you start to make in the beginning. Buy a notebook and record your gradual weight loss. You can even take before and after pictures to encourage you to continue pushing on.

What If Your Body Starts to Hurt?

The reality of chasing the runners body is dealing with injuries. There is a lot you can do to prevent injury, but the best thing you can do is work with different sports medicine healthcare providers. They will be able to help you create the best plans to stay healthy.

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