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Transverse Process Fracture – Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment

Although a transverse process fracture is one of the more uncommon injuries around, it is one of the most dreadful because of the part of the body where it occurs. Any fracture can be devastating but when it is your spine, almost everything that you do hurts.

But can you imagine having a fracture involving one of the bones in your spine? This means that both the process of standing upright and sleeping on your back will become very painful. That is why a transverse process fracture is very dreadful because of the amount of impact it has on your quality of life as an athlete.

In this article, we will be sharing with you all the essential details you need to know about a transverse process fracture, how you can prevent the fracture and how to go about treating the condition.

What Is A Transverse Process Fracture?

A transverse process fracture happens when there is a break in a portion of one of the bones that make up the spine. This fractured or broken portion is known as the transverse process, and it is the part of the spinal column that shoots out like a wing.

There are two transverse processes in a vertebral bone. These protrusions allow muscles and ligament to attach to the bones of the spine, allowing you to be able to move your spine as you deem fit.

What Are The Causes Of A Transverse Process Fracture?

What Are The Risk Factors For Having A Transverse Process Fracture?

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of A Transverse Process Fracture?

Here are the signs and symptoms that could indicate that you have a transverse process fracture:


Transverse Process Fracture: Prevention

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