4 Traits Of Undefeated Boxers Every Athlete Should Adopt

Boxers are great athletes, but undefeated boxers are even greater. There is no shortage of movies and information on how they train. With the growth of the sport recently thanks to the Conor Mcgregor and Floyd Mayweather. Boxing is one of the oldest forms of sport. They must go through the heat of combat, so it only makes sense for their training be intense. For it literally could be life and death when you are inside that ring.

A boxer has heart, fitness, strong work ethic, and most importantly they have what they called the warrior ethos. An unspeakable attachment to combat. To face someone else who wants it as bad as you and yet all of these people come out in the end as undefeated boxers is impressive.

Undefeated Boxers

Traits Of Undefeated Boxers

Undefeated Boxers Have Heart

Many boxers were kids that grew up in situations that required them to fight. To get into altercations not because they wanted to. No, because they had to. Mike Tyson Came from a section of Brooklyn that was in the midst of a drug, and prostitution problem. Where you had to steal what you wanted.

Boxers are filled with heart. They want to be victorious in the sport of their choosing. Boxing as I said before is filled with kids who needed an outlet and boxing gave them a way to release that anger in an environment that facilitates it. Much like those who play football. It is a legal way to hit someone.

Athletes of today should look back on some of the stories and histories of some of boxings greatest fighters. Each one has had some hardship to go through. In spite of it all, they came out the other side with glory and victory! Undefeated boxers keep fighting because they have heart.

Hard Work is The Way for Undefeated Boxers

There is no athlete on the planet that works as hard as a boxer. I am saying this from a completely outside view of the sport. I have no involvement in it at all but if you look at a man or woman who can stand face to face against another human being getting punched and punching them for 12 rounds of 3 mins each.

If anyone has ever got into a fight before in their lives would know that you are dead tired one minute into it. If you are fat offensive linemen like I am you know more than anyone else haha.

A boxers training schedule is tough. Filled with 3-4 training sessions a day alongside film work. This is every single day up until the fight. That is more preparation than any athlete does for a game or event. Even Olympic athletes do not put that much hard dedication into what they are doing. No disrespect to any Olympians.

However, if athletes took on the work ethic of a boxer, they would be way more advanced in their sport. Learning to push past pain. Many athletes don’t want to put into the work it takes to be the greatest. This goes back to the heart. If you want something, you will do whatever it takes (within ethical and moral lines) to get it. Undefeated boxers do not shy away from hard work.

Warrior Mentality

Boxers, MMA fighters, Muay Thai, kickboxing, and the other combat sports athletes out there all have one thing in common outside of there love for fighting. They all have a mentality of a warrior. They live by an unspoken ethos. This goes back to warriors of old, the Spartans, the samurai, and other warriors of history. They all believed in a few things that others in society don’t understand.

A need for honor, to be seen as a hero for their community or country. The warrior ethos is built on shame. They do not want to look back at their peers, friends or family. A lose looked at as a failure. Deep respect for those that you are going up against.

The book “The Warrior Ethos” by Steven Pressfield lays out the warrior ethos perfectly. He tells of some of the intangibles you need to have courage, patience, selflessness, loyalty, fidelity, self-command, respect, and love for your brothers and sisters.  If you can adopt some of, if not all of these you will be on your way to being a warrior.

Remember “wars change; warriors don’t.”

Undefeated boxers keep their warrior mode activated!

Unreal Fitness is How Undefeated Boxers Last

Boxers are some of the most conditioned athletes on the planet. Training strength, cardio, technique concurrently every single day for hours at a time. It is not the training itself that is the outstanding part. It is the sheer amount of volume these athletes go through to be in peak conditioning.

They would get in 1.5 hrs of pure activity during training sessions. That is an hour and a half if accumulated activity. That is not including rest breaks.

Athletes of today should take a look at what they are doing every single day and look at what others in the upper echelons of their sport at doing. It is no secret why many athletes are successful. It is because they put in the work necessary. Make yourself the fittest athletes possible, and you will see great things coming from it. Being among undefeated boxers is no easy thing to do, and we can all learn much from these guys.

List of Undefeated Boxers

Jimmy Barry

  • 59-0-9 record
  • Fought his whole career at bantamweight

Joe Calzaghe

  • 46-0 Record
  • An undefeated boxer that kept moving up in weight class and still winning
  • Forced to retire due to injury

Jim Ji-Won

  • 16-0-2
  • Short career for undefeated boxer list
  • super bantamweight

Mihai Leu

  • 28- 0 Record
  • Forced to retire from boxing due to injury

Ricardo Lopez

  • 51-0-1 Record
  • Stripped of a title for wanting to give it to his father

Rocky Marciano

  • 49-0 record
  • One of the great undefeated boxers

Terry Marsh

  • 26-0-1 Record
  • Forced to retire due to epilepsy

Floyd Mayweather

  • 50-0
  • One of the greats
  • Most well known modern day boxer

Jack McAuliffe

  • 30-0-5
  • Undefeated boxer but sure has a lot of ties

Sven Ottke

  • 34-0 Record
  • Had IBF and WBA titles

Dmitri Pirog

  • 20-0 record
  • undefeated boxer but forced to retire from back injuries 

Harry Silmon

  • 30-0 record
  • Messed up career due to car crash injuries

Pichit Sitbangprachan

  • 24-0 Record
  • Undefeated boxer in the flyweight division

Edwin Valero

  • 27-0 record
  • Undefeated boxer with a tragic ending to life

Andre Ward

  • 32-o record
  • Undefeated boxer at super middleweight and light heavyweight

Laila Ali (Female Boxer)

  • 24-0 Record
  • Daughter of Mohammed Ali
  • Undefeated female boxer

The Undefeated boxers listed above are some of the greatest to ever step in the ring. It is no easy task to get in the right time and time again and suffer no losses. To not suffer that one night where you had a lot going on, or you just lost focus and let a match slip through your fingers. These champions came locked in and ready to fight every night.

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