What Every Athlete Can Learn From Bloggers

What Every Athlete Can Learn From Bloggers

Sports and Running A Blog Are the Same Things

Success in life requires very similar things. It does not matter if the goal is to be a Hollywood actor or an excellent student in the classroom. The great thing about the quest to be celebrated as an athlete is it is the same as being great at anything. The blog is an excellent example as you can relate to it because you are reading this right now.


The word just sucks, to be honest, you know you need it, but no one wants to use it because we live in a society that wants and gets things now. Success does not come on demand like that though.

When I started this blog, I hoped that in no time the whole world would be reading it and care and it would become a favorite place on the internet. But you know what happened we spent the first three months practically being the only visitors to our blog no one gave a crap about 9INE POINT.

We thought that we would not even need to spread the word as people would love the site so much that they would tell all their friends. Boy was we wrong. It’s slow every day builds and grind nothing about making fans on this blog has come easy.

It’ll take a hell of a lot of patience to be a successful blogger, and the same goes for being an athlete.  It takes patience to recover from injuries; it takes patience to see your hard work in practice every day turn into success.  Nothing is instant; you could say patience is key to the whole master plan. (Link to the patient is critical article)

Never Ever Give Up

Let’s face it life sucks sometimes, it does, and I have said that with this blog numerous times. Like I mean do you know how it feels to put hours into a single post. You come up with an excellent name for it, and you’re ready to release it to the world, and you hope the whole world will just love it.  You look on the site and the only person who visited it was you and your mother.  Pretty discouraging huh?

I never gave up because I knew that would not last forever and of course, it didn’t.  The website is still not where I want it to be, but nothing in my life is. Knowing that I can never give up.

There will be days you will want to quit, there will be days where you will ask “why me?”


Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

The fact is that life is not comfortable, so why would anyone expect sports to easy. Things are going to get harsh, but it is all about the survival of the fittest. Who can get a punch in the stomach, fall and get back up again? Then after that who can get shot in knees and come back from it because sometimes that is what failure and injuries are going to feel like.

At the end of the day, you can doubt yourself all the time, and you can take the easy route out of things. Quit, why bother. Why not fight until the end knowing that you gave it everything you had. 

You don’t have to do this journey alone. Join an athlete-driven community full of athletes like you pushing to achieve their goals.

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