You Need the Courage to Hang On to Your Dream

We live in an unprecedented era of instant gratification. To sum it up nicely, we no longer want to hand on like our ancestors had to. We don’t need to have any courage anymore even though we need it. I remember the day when I first got on the internet with dial-up, and I had to wait patiently through the interesting noises for the computer to connect to the internet. While this was happening, we could not use our house phone. Now we live in MUCH different time. Now it is insane to wait 3 seconds for a website to load. There is only one problem with this; there is no way to speed up or rush dreams.

It Takes Courage to Hang On

The reason it requires so much courage to hang on is that most people will not. It is easier to act like you don’t have a crush on someone these days, so you don’t have to be persistent. You see more people now than ever throwing in the towel on their sport because a season was tough. Now more than ever because of social media people can see what you are doing and scrutinize your whole life. I will tell you right now, it looks lame to hang on until it does not.

I will show you what I mean. When the world is point and laughing at someone because they look stupid for not quitting, those will be the same people who want a handout or want to hold hands when they make it. The reason is that it is not cool to stand beside someone who looks like they are failing. It cool to be around and associate with the successful.

The same way how we are struggling to hang on to our dreams, we also struggle to support people at the bottom of their journey when they need us most. It takes courage to hang in the same way it takes courage to be there, and most people don’t have it.

If You Don’t Have Courage, You Need It Now

A lot of people think they are courageous, but you don’t any until you can go against the grain. Until you have a dream worth standing for that most people can’t believe you are still fighting for.

I had many of these instances, but nothing tested me like finishing this app. I had to wake up day in and out for just under two years. This was a dream I first had when I was 18 years old. By the time the app launched I was 27. That is a decade of my life with something in the back of my mind. That is two years of just trying to put all the pieces together to get it done. Dealing with set back after a setback.

We had to change the name from Fixt to Kho
I lost multiple members of the team

Most importantly though I parted ways with our developer.

I had to find new people to step up

I was stressed to the max financially to get it all done
Potential excited customers who were excited lost interest
Investors thought I was out of my mind
No one was giving me a shot
Somedays I got up and was like man I just am a shitty leader, why am I doing this. Why do I bother waking up and working hard?

I was considering letting go. I felt like it just was not meant to be.

When You Want to Quit, You Are The Closest to Success IF…

You are closest to success IF… The Key is the IF. The if represents the qualifying thing you need and it is courage. If you can find the courage to dig deep and keep going, then you should.

I was able to find it with Kho but just remembering why I started. It was never about the money. I knew that even if the project never made money, but I was able to help a handful of athletes get healthy, it would be worth it. I remember that if I did not bring this world no one else was likely to. I thought throughout the nine years since I thought of it that someone else would do it but it was a project waiting for me to step up to.

You have to connect back to your why. If you question your purpose or holding on, remember why you grab the reigns int he first place! You decided to chase your dream for a reason. Now is not the time to just let go of things! Now is the time to grit your teeth and dig in deeper.

The Reason Success is Valuable

We often forget that we want success because it is of high value, and anything that is valuable is RARE! The reason is rare is because it is difficult. It is not easy to make it to the Olympics or to get a scholarship, or break a world record, or make the hall of fame. These are hard things, and because they are hard, it makes them valuable to have.

If you make them easier, then everyone will be able to have them, and they won’t be considered success anymore. High school is a great example of this. Most people in the USA graduate from high school, so it does not make your success to do that.

There is a saying that says don’t ask for your problems to be easier, ask to be stronger to handle more problems. It is the obstacles and difficulties that make us, and when we look back, there is no other way we would rather have it.

Success is on its way for you but whether you grasp it or not will depend on how much courage you have. You might just walk away a few seconds too early.
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