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How Keeping Your Body Healthy Can Be Easy

How Keeping Your Body Healthy Can Be Easy 9INE POINT Health

Don’t you just hate that feeling of heading to practice and not feeling fresh, or better yet isn’t it the best feeling to know you have an upcoming practice or competition and nothing is bugging you? Your muscles should feel elastic and ready for action.  The fact is that if you just take a bit of dedication you can achieve all of this through a different type of stretching. There are some simple things you can do to keep your body healthy.

Keep Your Body Healthy

One of my training partners had been sure his hamstring was going to blow. So I gave him some advice that someone gave to me a bit earlier. He told me to PNF my hamstrings or any problem areas of my body every day. He told me that this technique of stretching gets rid of the crap out of your muscles. However, to be honest I did not even know what “that crap” really was but I just listened to him.

Surprisingly though he actually listened to me and did it.  Slowly but surely his moans and groans began to go away. He went from being scared his hammies were going to pull to bragging to everyone on the team about how good they feel now.

What Is PNF Stretching?

PNF stretching is resisted stretching. Without getting overly complicated, resisted stretches allow you to get more out of your stretches with a little effort. Instead of just stretching a muscle and holding it. You actually get a partner to resist you in a stretched position. The video below explains it all clearly. Doing these stretches all around the body will go a long way in keeping you healthy. If you have any injuries come up, you’re going to want to use this.

The stretching technique is not just for hamstrings and can actually work for numerous lower and upper body muscles.

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