Prioritize This Rep!

We are living in a world that is quickly losing the power of the present; we are so fascinated in other peoples conquests, other peoples success, and what tomorrow is going to look like that we forget to take the time to pay attention to the current moment.

For athletes, this can be dangerous. The concept of “prioritize THIS rep” is trying to take your attention away from the end of the workout and bringing you back into the current rep you are trying to complete right now.

Your ability to focus on the moment and paying as much attention and effort into it will only spill into the next set and then the next workout and then competition.  It is time to steal back reality and live in the moment. The future will be there whether we worry about it or not!

Prioritize Focus

As an athlete, your ability to focus is going to help determine your success or your failure if you cannot keep your attention on what is needed you are going to miss the benefits of whatever it is you are trying to do. Whether that competes or in the gym.

Prioritize THIS rep is the concept of taking everything you have focus wise and applying it to the rep you are looking to accomplish in that set. The set is important, but the individual reps are more important. This is the foundation on which your entire workout is built. Your workout is built upon a series of completed reps, and those reps should be given the focus they deserve. Not the next set or the next workout.

The Moment

Now, that is the most crucial moment in your lifetime. This one you are in right now. It should always be that way. Have a conscious awareness of the future and what you want is essential. But when it comes to handling your business you are going to want to pay attention to what is going on right at this moment.

Have you found yourself scrolling through facebook asking yourself why am I doing this right now? What purpose is this servicing? You ask yourself these questions, but you ignore this internal voice and keep on scrolling. I understand trust me I have done it before as well, but you should listen to this voice and get back to more productive things.

Your Attention Is Limited

We have a limited amount of attention. We are surrounded by things trying their best to grab it from you. Ads on youtube, youtube itself, facebook videos, memes, and a myriad of other things. These things are coming from all angles to take you away from those things you prioritize.

If you look at your attention like a financial budget. A finite amount of something that needs to be spread out to those things that are a priority at the moment. If you need to pay rent then that would be first if you need to pay for wifi, then that’s second and on down the list you go. The same goes for your attention.

As an athlete your ability to budget your attention is essential. Whats important to you? Where should you be focusing right now? These questions will help you determine where your attention should be focused. Prioritize THIS rep.

Application To Life

You are a human being first as much as you may not want to believe it. There will come a day that sport as you know it will stop and you will have to come back to reality and apply the lessons you have learned as an athlete to life in general.

Prioritize THIS rep is a concept that will apply to anything you do in life. Living life at the moment, relishing and getting the most out of it. If you can be present for a conversation with a co-worker you can help build a better team by understanding what it is they may need form you.

Or if you are there for a loved one, you can get more out of that relationship. It is not hard to forget about tomorrow, or yesterday and live in the moment giving you all effort for that moment.


This is not a novel concept. Being present for your set, being willing and able to focus on that one rep you are doing at a time. That is where you are going to become the most effective and efficient athlete. These perfect and effort rich repetitions will add up making every set better than before. Thus your workout more effective than previous training sessions.

This all adds up to a better-prepared athlete come game day. You can then take this mindset and apply it to your daily life. Being in the moment ready to give your entire effort at that moment as opposed to living in the past or the future. I promise the future is going to be there. A better future will be built from a well-executed present!

KHO Health was acquired by was acquire by 9INE POINT in the summer of 2019 and is now referred to as 9INE POINT Health.

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