Ep. 112 Growing Up As A Professional Athlete with Pro Volleyball Player Julie Lengweiler

Ep. 112 Growing Up As A Professional Athlete with Pro Volleyball Player Julie Lengweiler

Ep. 112 Julie Lengweiler – Growing Up As A Professional Athlete

In this episode of The 9INE POINT Started With A Dream Podcast, Jacolby Gilliam welcomes Julie Lengweiler, a professional volleyball player playing in Spain. Volleyball has been in Julie’s life for as long as she can remember. This propelled Julie to go pro at the young age of 16 in Switzerland. Julie is duly represented by Athletes Abroad Management and today, she shared with us the challenges and wins she has faced as a pro athlete and advises young athletes to dream big so they can live their dream.

Julie begins with her dream as a younger athlete: to play in the big leagues. She shares with us how that dream became a reality and how she began playing volleyball professionally at 16. This also came with struggles, having been the youngest on the team. However, she was determined never to quit. Her resilience carried her further as she later played in Finland and now in Spain. Julie’s story inspires us that we can achieve much if only we dare to dream.

Key Points:

  • Julie’s dream when she was a younger athlete
  • Making the dream a reality
  • Julie talks about being a role model
  • Falling in love with volleyball
  • Playing pro at 16
  • Why Julie refused to quit
  • Figuring who you are outside of the sport you play
  • Navigating agents when trying to go pro
  • Playing in Finland
  • Advice to younger athletes
  • What’s next for Julie?


“I want to inspire more kids to dream big, because I also felt that with my dreams, I was very lonely.”

“It’s a very weird feeling. It was something I worked for. And it was something I wanted. But when it happened, I did feel like wow, this is maybe a little bit too much.”

“It’s so much more than being ready for that level. It’s being ready for loads of practice and pressure and games and expectations.”

“Who am I without the sport?”

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