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Ep. 113 Lauren Page – Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone Through Volleyball

Lauren Page Volleyball


In this episode of The 9INE POINT Started With A Dream Podcast, Jacolby Gilliam welcomes Lauren Page, a pro volleyball athlete playing in France and represented by Athlete Abroad Management. Before her professional career, Lauren played at the University of Oregon, helping her team finish 9th in the NCAA. Today, she shares her story with us, starting with a young girl who loved volleyball for the fun of it and transitioning into a pro athlete.

Lauren begins with how she fell in love with volleyball despite being an introvert. She explains that volleyball was easy to love because she was surrounded by love, her team and her family. Lauren explains the difference between playing in high school and college and how to quickly adapted to new rules and plays. Later, Lauren describes the moment she decided to go pro and how her pro career has proceeded thus far.

Key Points:


“As we get older, our goals change.”

“The connections and the friendships that I’ve made through the sport made it so fun.”

“I always tell people all the time, this is the place that I was meant to be, I met my best friends there.”

“As I got older, I knew I had to grow up and step out of my comfort zone a little.”

“I left part of my heart there.”

“I needed to be a better teammate, needed to support my teammates more and not make it about me.”

“Being a team player and being there for your teammates makes you a better player at the end of the day.”

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