How Student-Athletes can Use Sports for Motivation in the Classroom

How Student-Athletes can Use Sports for Motivation in the Classroom

We all know of the classic scenario. The talented student-athlete hates school and is in danger of being ineligible. Everyone does everything the can tell that athlete how the school is their future, and how their chances of going pro are slim to none but nothing seems to work. The reality is that you have to find ways to use sports for motivation in the classroom.

It is human nature to want to work at areas you are good at. Let’s face it, working on a weakness is not fun. When you are an athlete, and you get a lot of attention, people want to hang with you, and your name is in the paper it is an excellent feeling. Then all a sudden you get in the classroom, and it just feels pointless. Why bother to give any effort? Its never going to bring you the same type of love and adoration. We are going to dig into the last words you will need to read on finding the motivation to excel in the classroom.

School Points Out Your Character

If you struggle in school, but you bust your ass an give you all that is ok. But if you just dog it and don’t give your all that says a lot about who you are and it hurts you as an athlete. If I am a coach I am going to take the hard worker both on and off the field every-time if the athletic talent is on par.

Why give people a reason not to choose you? Why give people the ability to put you down? Dominate on the field and then give you’re all in the classroom so that when anyone asks about you, people can only say you work your ass off all the time and not just sometimes.

If you will not give you’re all in the classroom, it is not long before you are not providing you’re all in other areas of life. If you think that you will never slack in your sport think again. Just wait until you hit some bumps in the road. Then you will stop giving your all only to the classroom because things are hard.

Don’t Fit The Stereotype

The dumb jock that walks around in the letterman stereotype has been shown for so long now. Show people something different. You are a great athlete because you stand out right? Why stand out in one area when you can stand out in them all?

When you give up in school what you are saying is that you don’t like challenges. It shows you will back down when things get hard. The teammate you want on your side is the one who gets tougher the tougher the challenge becomes.

The stereotypes of the world are always looking to point you out for your weakness. Stereotypes usually have some truth, but you have the power to shut them down altogether and be something much more significant. That is what you only concern should be. What do I need to be great?

Finish What You Start

Another reason school helps you with sports is it teaches you to finish what you start. The last thing you want to do is is be the guy who never ends any workouts. But it sounds just as bad to be the guy that never finishes any work. It is important that you finish what you start. Nothing matters more in life. Anyone can start, but VERY FEW can finish.

Many can talk, but very few back it up with action. Which one do you want to be? You want to be the 50% person or the closer. Do you want to be the one that can be counted on until halftime, or do you want the last shot? You have to decide and no one can or will choose that for you.

Admit You Need Help

One of the hardest things for people to do is admit that they need help. Regardless of how hard it is, we need to be good at it. We all need help, and we often don’t want to ask due to our pride issues. We want to save fave and keep our pride looking shiny and new when in reality we should be focused on.

The motivation to succeed in the classroom should come from the fact that with a little bit of help nothing is too hard for you to accomplish. You once had coaches that taught you how to play your sport. Now you need teachers willing to come along side you and guide you what it requires to be a successful athlete.

The ability to ask for help will help you succeed in all areas. It will also help you when you are are in actual danger. Mental health issues often thrive in conditions of secrecy out of fears of asking for help.

It does not make you weak to ask for help. It shows strength when you know that you need a team to win. That applies to sports and life. No one wins a gold medal with the support of someone.

Motivation is Free, But Action is Priceless

Don’t just let this information go in one ear and out the other. Contain the information and act on it. Use it to improve your life and your grades. Working hard in the classroom is not about how you need an education if sports don’t work out. You already know that. We don’t need to preach about that part.

What we do need to preach is who you are in one area of your life is who you are in all areas of your life. There is no separation. There is no I only work hard sometimes. You either give your all, or you don’t. That is the pat you need to drill into your brain. Don’t fit the stereotype that people want you to fit. Be something much greater!

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