Drag your way to athletic power with a sled

Drag your way to athletic power with a sled

Drag your way to athletic Power

Drag your way to athletic Power

To get that authentic muscular power you need that perfect blend of sugar and spice and everything sweet. The problem is many athletes cannot figure out what sugar and spice are. The sugar is running fast; the spice is a sled and everything excellent… I will save that for a bit later.

Why Sled Pulls Rock

Sled pulls are hands down one of my favorite things to do on the track. I feel like an animal when I am done.  It combines the aspect of running fast but training strength at the same time, and it does it in such a beautiful way.  You have to dig deep and drive into the ground to get the sled even moving to begin with.  Once walking, you can feel yourself trying to run faster and faster, and it teaches you that the only way to get faster is to apply more force to the ground.

Why You Need To Pull the Sled

It is an excellent form of resistance training, and it can be measured with added weight and time. If you pull a sled 80 meters to 10 pounds, and the next week you can go the same distance. But with more weight then you just go faster.  The thing is if you can run fast pulling the right amount of weight behind you imagine what is going to happen when you don’t have that burden holding you back.   

It helps translate strength to become functional

Drag your way to athletic Power

Here is the thing if you can have a house in the weight room but cannot functionally use that power in your sport, it’s pointless. It is like being very smart and getting good grades but not being able to apply anything you learn to real life.  Being able to have functional strength is imperative.

The sled allows you to use to start applying the strength you have gained from the weight room. Start applying it to your running to increase your speed.  Every rep during sled pulls needs to be with the mindset of using as much power as possible.

Quick Tips for Sled Workouts

  • If your form is breaking down, then you are using too much weight
  • Focus on hitting the ground with force to move not speed
  • Remember you run on your legs but WITH YOUR ARMS
  • Take the first rep a bit easier so your body can adjust to the sled

And For the Everything Nice

Drag your way to athletic Power

Well by now it should be obvious but the “everything nice” is beginning to understand your real power.  They say most people do not know their real strength and this is very accurate people do not know how reliable they are.  There is no moment as lovely as the one when you realize how to turn your strength into power.  It is time to stop reading and start training and get your sugar, spice, and everything beautiful.

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