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There are a lot of causes we want to tackle using the 9INE POINT brand. We’re becoming big advocates for mental health and learning how much dogs can be the friend that’s always there that helps reduce anxiety and depression.

A lot of us rely on our furry family member or our friend’s furry family member for unconditional love and support. After a rough day of work, practice, or game that interaction can be everything we need to pick us up.

This is why we at 9INE POINT launched Sports & Paws benefiting Arizona Animal Rescue Mission to help support and raise awareness for their newest community program to “Tag! Collar! Microchip! Educate!” with the goal to keep pets with their owners to reduce the number of homeless animals in Maricopa County.

Any donation will help make an impact to help. Every $5 we raise helps AARM provide a collar, leash, and personalized name tag. Every $15 helps microchip a pet so they can be connected with their owner if ever lost.

Join us on Saturday, March 16, at Scottsdale Stadium for where we will be educating and raising money through great prizes from local businesses.

Special thanks to Courtney Ward for helping coordinate this engagement. Along with the amazing support and donations from Cold Beers & Cheese Burgers, Body Vision Arrowhead, H&B Builders and Ownpets.


Let’s help people and pets feel comfort, companionship, and love. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause.

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More information about Arizona Animal Rescue Mission, Inc: AARM provides support to the animals of Maricopa County, AZ through medical funding for care outside of the shelter’s ability, in-shelter and post-adoption training, enrichment for shelter dogs, and provide necessary items for owners or adopters to keep their animals instead of surrendering to the shelter.

This is why AARM aims to be a trusted resource for pet owners in the community. A place they can contact if faced with losing their pet due to lack of resources: adequate fencing, food, medical care, etc. By being kind and providing something as simple as a name tag now, we establish the friendships needed to be remembered during any future crisis.

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