Why INWEGO is One of the Best Apps for Athletes

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up I would dream about the moment getting to watch my favorite athletes and team play. With every play thinking, that’s going to be me down there one day. Thanks to INWEGO, a subscription for tickets to sports, concerts and local events, these moments are becoming for affordable for athletes and their parents.

What was the best game you ever went to growing up?

For me, it was the day I went to the Seattle Seahawks vs. the Dallas Cowboys game October 22, 2002, and saw Emmitt Smith break the NFL Rushing Record. That moment in Texas Stadium was unreal, the crowd was cheering so loud especially my grandma who is a die hard cowboy fan. That moment was special then as a young athlete and still is for me today.

When I look back that game was a big deal for me personally because it solidified the feeling that I wanted to be a pro football player and achieve big moments like that. My athletic career didn’t end that way, that’s a story for another day.

What’s important to think about is how many young athletes get the chance to see their favorite professional athletes live or even attend a college game?

Not as many as we think. With ticket prices being extremely costly at times for pro and college games a lot of young athletes miss out on these opportunities. It can be tough for parents to drop $80 plus per tickets to go see the Cavs play when they come to their town. INWEGO is changing that.

What is INWEGO?

INWEGO is a ticket subscription platform that gives its members a ticket to hundreds of sports, concerts and local events per year, all for one monthly subscription, all on your phone.


The team at INWEGO was awesome and hooked us up so we can experience tickets to an unlimited amount of live events, concerts, games, and festivals in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

It was dope not only just to get to explore the events going on around Phoenix, but we got to watch teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder and Cleveland Cavaliers compete. Plus, attend Opening Day for the Arizona Diamondbacks. INWEGO makes it really easy to know what’s going on in your city and to actually get a ticket and go.

Paying only $29 for a monthly INWEGO membership is so clutch with the ability to purchase guest passes for friends or go check out games you would not have otherwise known about like the Phoenix Rising. Giving a lot of young athletes and their parents a chance to see some of their idols play the game they love.

With the help of INWEGO, we at 9INE POINT Mag want to give more athletes the opportunity to experience more live MLB, NBA, NHL, AFL games without breaking the bank using the INWEGO App. Using the promo code “9INEPOINTAPRIL”  you can save 50% on your first month (expires 4/30/18). Aka you go to attend every event you want on the app for less than $15.

Let us know how you enjoy INWEGO we for sure did.

Download the INWEGO APP today on your phone

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