Ep. 114 Setting For Greatness w/ Pro Volleyball Player Jaimeson Lee

Ep. 114 Setting For Greatness w/ Pro Volleyball Player Jaimeson Lee

Ep. 114 Setting For Greatness w/ Pro Volleyball Player Jaimeson Lee

In this episode of The 9INE POINT Started With A Dream Podcast, Jacolby Gilliam welcomes Jaimeson Lee, a professional volleyball player, playing in Portugal and represented by Athletes Abroad. Jaimeson shares today her inspiring story of how she found her love for volleyball.

Growing up with athletic parents, Jaimeson has always been surrounded by sports. Jaimeson shares that her dream as a younger athlete was to play in D1 and how that dream has evolved over time. She discusses how she decided to attend George Washington University and the struggles she faced while trying to balance volleyball, school, and social life. She talks about going pro and how she has found friendship and not just team bonding with her teammates. The episode comes to a close as Jaimeson offers advice to younger athletes on how to stop comparing themselves to others and to never give up.

Key Points:

  • Jaimeson’s dream when she was a younger athlete
  • Growing up with athletic parents and how that influenced Jaimeson
  • Transitioning into a setter
  • Realizing her dream was possible
  • Jaimeson’s goal as a player
  • What makes a great setter?
  • Building the friendship culture among teammates
  • Navigating volleyball, school, and social life
  • A defining moment; deciding to go pro
  • Preparing for what’s to come


“My biggest thing is wanting to play. I didn’t want to go to a big school and sit on the bench for two or three years behind another sitter.”

“If volleyball were to end for me, would I be happy here?”

“What commitment is that person willing to make to be the best setter and player that they can be in the future?”

“Stop comparing yourself to other people, and just work with what you’ve got because it’s enough.”

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