Athletic Girls Run The World and These Traits Are Why

There is nothing like watching how athletes like Serena Williams carry themselves through life. She is a powerful woman who has done so much to put on for athletic girls around the world. It does not stop with her though! Female sports have been growing, and woman have started a movement that is not ending anytime soon. Athletic girls are taking over, and these traits explain why.

What Athletic Girls Are Not

Athletic girls are not just sexy. Athletic girls can be sexy if they want to but they all do not want to, and they do not need to. What makes an athletic girl great at what she does is not her ability to pose in nothing in front of a camera. It is from what she does athletically, and people are beginning to understand that more. As more athletic girls shine, it gives others the right to decide what they think it means to be pretty.

What Athletic Girls Are

Athletic Girls Are Fierce

Crossfit - fierce

There is no getting around this and any guys that have spent time training with girls know this is true. Ladies are fierce. When they train and perform, they are 100% out for blood! As s former track and field myself, I always trained with girls and they had something different that guys don’t have.

The hostile attitude developed as an athlete is helping ladies to take over in all facets of life. If you can be aggressive in as a 12-year-old basketball player, there is no reason you cannot dominate in the courtroom or boardroom.

Athletic Girls Are Determined

Athletic Girls

The determination that many ladies have to be great is even more significant than most guys because many girls feel they need to prove themselves. They don’t want to be considered just another pretty face playing a sport no one cares about because it is all about the guys.

Whenever anyone is cast as the underdog, it develops a fight inside of you that cannot be produced any other way. Got to an NCAA women’s basketball game and you will see girls playing their hearts out not understanding why they don’t fill as many seats as the boys. The athletic girls growing up right now will keep changing this.

Athletic Girls Are Strong

Strong Athletic Girl

The definition of healthy is changing since more girls are killing the game in strength sports like powerlifting and cross fit. What women are showing the world is that pretty can be wearing dresses and makeup but pretty can also come in many different ways. Pretty can be wearing eye black and dribbling the ball between peoples legs on the soccer field; pretty can also be crushing more pull-ups than most guys could do.

The point is that people watch CrossFit games and fall in love with strong girls because they think it’s incredible to see their drive and work ethic and that is a great thing. The next generation of athletic girls can be what they want and feel pretty being who they are.

Athletic Girls Are Confident

MMA Fighter Female - Athletic Girls

No one is 100% confident all of the time, but athletic girls are changing the confidence levels of a woman. They understand that they are not here to be weak and play no role. Girls realize that they have a voice and they can be confident in using that voice.

Athletic Girls Are Capable

Athletic Girls

The focus is no longer on the word can’t for athletic girls. Athletes like Becky Hammon have gotten rid of that idea entirely. The focus is now on what can be done. What girls can do. Girls can stay at home moms and kill that job! They can also be in leadership positions and do just as good as a job. It’s not about hating on the choices of others anymore. Its just about showing the world what girls can do and it’s a beautiful thing.

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