Coordinated Health and Why Choosing The Right Healthcare Matters

One of the most significant issues with healthcare right now is the inefficiencies due to a lack of coordinated health. Too many people see too many different healthcare providers before they finally get to the correct healthcare provider. Imagine a world where people start off with the right healthcare provider. The frustration and wasted money of getting bounced around waste so many resources.

The Power of Coordinated Health

Imagine if every conversation we ever had we had to have through other people. Meaning we never talked directly to anyone. There was always a middleman or a messenger to pass on the message. It would make everything much harder because the message would be changed and construed.

When healthcare is disjointed, this is basically what happens. Your back hurts, so you go and see your family doctor. The family doctor refers you to a Physical Therapist; the PT does not work, so you go back to the family doctor. They refer you to a hip specialist who says that you need to see a chiropractor. By the time you get to the chiropractor, you are frustrated, but they can fix you.

Coordinated Health is About Starting With The Right Provider

The reality of the situation is that you should have never started off by seeing your family doctor. The best route to go would have been to see the chiropractor. It is not worth seeing all of those people and wasting all of that time.

A lot of healthcare issues are really about power struggles. People want the power of the referral because they get to control where you go and how things work. The problem is doctors never back the work that someone else is going to do.

Finding The Right Provider at The Right Time With Coordinated Health

9INE POINT Health fka 9INE POINT Health is all about helping people to find the right provider for what they are going through. Then when you decide on the type, 9INE POINT Health will help you find someone with the right skills. Then lastly 9INE POINT Health will make it easier for you to rate each healthcare provider based on their 9INE POINT Number. The 9INE POINT number allows you to quickly evaluate health by giving healthcare providers an amount based on the metrics that matter.

Sometimes you don’t know where to start your healthcare journey. If you’re stressed do you need to go a doctor or will a good massage do the trick? That side pain that is emotionally draining you may be blocking your chi and be an easy fix for an acupuncturist. The key is getting your mind outside of the box of just dealing with pain by taking pills and having surgery.

What you want to do is see the person that can fix you the quickest for the least amount of money. Drugs companies do not care about you getting healthy quickly. They care about you taking more drugs.

If you are unsure of what the best healthcare path is for you, you need some coordinated health from 9INE POINT Health. All you have to do is go and answer a few questions on 9INE POINT Health or use the mobile app to be shown the way.

Coordinated Health Providers 

The Benefits of Coordinated Health

Save Time and Money

Coordinate Health will save you money because you will not have to get bounced from Doctor to Doctor. Make the first person you see the one that can have the most significant impact on your health. Some people will start with their GP because of insurance coverage.

By the time they are finished getting bounced around, they have paid $200 in co-pays when they could have seen one person without insurance and paid $60. That is $60 with less stress and having confidence that the person you are seeing can do the job.

Work With The Best Option For Your Needs

What sucks about being referred is that you don’t know the behind the scenes of these partnerships. Are you being referred because they are the best or are you being passed on to that provider because they agreed to help each other out? The first scenario is suitable for both sides but the second is only beneficial for the healthcare provider but you lose, and you only get one life to live.

Many healthcare providers refer to people they barely even know so who knows how you will be treated and cared for and that sucks. You are a unique individual, and you know what you want. It is essential that you find that with something as important as healthcare. 9INE POINT Health gives you a video preview of healthcare providers so you can see if its a person you even want to deal with and much more information.

Better Long-Term Future with Coordinated Health

Too many people are being rushed into surgeries and medication these days. Not to say that those two things are always bad but what if they were the last option instead of the first? What if we explored every possibility. Stress is an excellent example of this. Many are rushed into some medication for stress when they need the touch of another human and the chance to release some tension. That chance is never given because not many think to start the healthcare process with a trip to a massage therapist.

KHO Health was acquired by was acquire by 9INE POINT in the summer of 2019 and is now referred to as 9INE POINT Health.


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