Funniest Things Sprinters Do In The Blocks

The Funniest Things Sprinters Do In The Blocks

I ran track from age 7-24. That includes an elementary school, high school, college and the Olympic level and in those years I have seen some fantastic things in the blocks. I created the funniest things sprinters do in the blocks from my experiences over the years. In another life, I also made Funniest Running Styles. I got a few more up my sleeve so make sure you stayed tuned.

Tips for Sprinters Looking To Stay Healthy

Eat Better and Sleep More

Look at training like building a house. Training is the natural disaster that tells you that your house made of sticks is not strong enough. Eating right is replacing the sticks with bricks, so you have better building material. BUT the sleeping is where those bricks get laid. If you don’t sleep, you may have the best bricks, but all you will have is a torn down house.

Make Glut Ham Raises Your Best Friend

Glute Ham raises got me through college and the Olympics, so I am biased, but they saved my career. When I got better at the glute ham raises, and I focused on building stronger glutes I never pulled my hamstring again.

Be Proactive

Do not wait to be hurt to start caring about being healthy. When you are healthy, your number one focus should be staying healthy. Beleive me, you can train all you want and look amazing in practice all day, but if you get hurt, all of that work goes out of the window.

Build a Great Relationship With Your Coaches and Medical

No sprinters are great on their own. You have to have a bad support team, and that starts with your track coach, strength coaches and the people who keep you healthy. I was hurt nonstop during my first years of college. That did not change until I leaned in and spent way more time building these relationships.

Listen to Your Body

Injuries work a lot like light bulbs. There are always flickers that let you know that a light bulb is going to go out. The same is true with injuries, but we often ignore the signs to try and power through. Be smarter than that and listen to what your body is telling you.

Do Something Every Day to Help You Stay Healthy

If you want to get good grades you study and make that a habit. If you’re going to run fast, you make speed a habit. The same must be done if you’re going to stay healthy. Your health should always be your priority. Every day you should be focusing on doing something well that will help you to stay healthy.


What Do The Funniest Things Sprinters Do Have to Do With Staying Healthy?

Kho Health is all about helping athletes find the right providers to stay healthy. That is what we do, but we also know that for people to take health seriously, it needs to be a bit more entertaining. Injuries are not any fun when you go through them, but when you look back, you usually can crack a smile because you have learned so much about yourself and your body.

I could make an entire video about The Funniest Things Sprinters Do When Injured because injuries happen that frequently in the sports of track and field. The best way to avoid injury is not to get hurt at all, and that means being proactive when you feel any pain.


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