How Many Kettlebell Swings Should You Do

It is an interesting question. How many kettlebell swings should you do? That is something that is going to be answered by what exactly your goals are. Those are going to determine the load as well and the volume in which you use to accomplish your goals. For me when I started swinging a kettlebell I had no idea what to do. I spent the majority of my life training as a powerlifter. Powerlifting was easy for me to program, I understood how it worked and I had a clear understanding of the science of getting strong in that arena.

Believe it or not, the science used to get strong in powerlifting is not that much different when it comes to swinging a kettlebell. Knowing how many kettlebell swings to do for your programming is a confusing question at first but it is also an easy one to answer when you apply a little bit of science.

What Is A Kettlebell Swing

As I have stated in previous articles a kettlebell swing is one of the most important posterior chain movements an athlete can do. It is an awesome tool for building up power, preventing injury, and bulletproofing against injury.

The kettlebell swing is simple, it is the explosive swing between the legs. The explosion and sudden change of direction is great for developing the glutes, hamstrings, lower back, and upper back strength. Check out my previous article for more information on the kettlebell swing.

How Many Kettlebell Swings Should You Do?

Like I previously stated how many kettlebell swings should you do is a question that is going to be answered directly with your goals. If you are looking to develop the extreme power that is going to change your rep scheme, this is true for those looking to use the kettlebell swing to improve fitness and conditioning.


3-5 sets of 5-10 with a bell 30% of body weight


5-10 sets of 10 with a significantly heavier kettlebell


10 sets of 10 with every minute on the minute with a middle of the road bell.

Training Frequency

This is a widely debated subject. Many people believe that recovery should be prioritized and other who believe training every single day are lower percentages is the way to go. I am here to say that both are right. There is no definitive way to train. Anyone who tells you there is, you should avoid them like the plaque.

Your training frequency is going to have to change depending on a number of factors. Factors including, daily stress, training intensity, volume, and diet.  Now if you are looking to hit all the best aspects of training you are going to want to at least do 3 days per week. Getting in a conditioning, a power, and a strength day. You can, however, add more conditioning day as you see fit as they are not as taxing on the body. Adjust your loads according to how you want to train.


I may not have totally answered the question: how many kettlebell swings should you do? It’s a tough question because of the wide-ranging goals you may have. Your goals are going to determine how many kettlebell swings you should do.  Just know that if you are looking to add kettlebell swings they are so versatile that you can use them for a variety of training goals!

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