Kettlebell Halo

The kettlebell halo is a great movement for developing shoulder stability. Those athletes out there that have had some form of shoulder injury they know ti can be extremely frustrating. A shoulder injury is going to limit your ability to perform all the way around because of all the structures built around the shoulder itself.

kettlebell training is growing rapidly in athletic circles. Their use, as well as their effectiveness, is growing fast. The kettlebell halo is a stable movement in the arsenal of a kettlebell trainer. The movement is simple, effective, and does not require you to have a heavy kettlebell to get efficient work done.

My journey into kettlebells was a slow one and I didn’t decide to start doing this movement until about a year ago. I was convinced doing my mace swings was enough. However, the kettlebell halo is a different feel and seems to attack different aspects of the shoulders.

Kettlebell Halo

The kettlebell halo is a simple movement to complete. All you need to do is two hands clean the bell to a bottom-up position. The hands should be on the side of the bell on the horns of the handle.

Keep your scapulas down and set. Move the bell around your head. Keep the bell as close to your head as possible without actually making contact with it. The bell should move all the way around your head till you reach the starting position. Move the bell then back the other direction.

This movement will is a great way to train your shoulders in an extremely wide range of motion. The kettlebell halo allows you to train the shoulder in the weakest positions as well as its strongest positions. Remember to stay conservative in your weight selection.

When To Do It

The kettlebell halo is a great warm-up exercise. It will get your shoulders ready to be in all ranges of motion. Hitting a really light set of the kettlebell halo for high reps before you hit a shoulder press session, or before you get ready for practice will help you in keeping your shoulders healthy.

The kettlebell halo is also a great movement for developing strength as well. The movement if you remove the kettlebell is extremely similar to the movement of a mace swing. This is going to keep your shoulders, chest open but on the strong side, it will help martial artists in particular. Adding it in as a regular part of your routine is effective as well. Sets of 10-20 with a moderate weight will burn in places not many other exercises can produce.

Conclusion on Kettlebell Halo

Doing the kettlebell halo is a great way to make your shoulder injury resistant. It is a simple movement that does not require extreme skill and it is something anyone can do. All you need is a light to moderately sized kettlebell and you will be ready to start building a set of shoulders ready to take on anything. The next time you are looking to strengthen your shoulders does not let the kettlebell halo escape your memory.

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