Lower Back Pain When Sitting

Lower back pain when sitting is from a plethora of social issues that you must overcome. The first being the fact that we spend too much time sitting down. Sitting in classrooms, sitting in cars, sitting is killing us slowly. The second big issue that you face is the fact that most movements require your hips to be able to move correctly. To squat, run, cut and jump you need to have hips that move correctly. Without these things, you are inviting back pain. Lower back pain when sitting is just the result of years of movement issues, but this can be fixed.

Causes of Lower Back Pain When Sitting

Once you understand the causes of lower back pain, it becomes much easier to deal with the injury.

  • Sitting Too Much
  • Not Stretching Enough
  • Tight Psoas and Hips
  • Tight Quads
  • Spinal Compression
  • Poor Posture

Sitting Too Much

In the modern world, it is not uncommon to eat breakfast sitting, get in a car for an hour, sit for 8 hours, get in a car to go back home and then sit at home on the couch watching TV. Now as an athlete you probably move around a bit more, but the reality is that you still sit down a lot. It is much better to lie down then it is to sit down so if it is possible to lie down please do so.

Not Stretching Enough

When we sit these muscles all get shorter:

  • Quads
  • Hips
  • Psoas
  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes shut off (when sitting)

Here is the problem, if you do not do things to reverse all of this, then you are going to be at a disadvantage as an athlete. These are some of the largest muscles and to be powerful, you need them. The best thing you can do is get in the routine of stretching daily.

Spinal Compression

When you see people hanging upside down as a form of therapy, it is to reverse the effect of spinal compression. When we are standing or sitting, we are always under the pressure of gravity. This compression adds up over time which is why lying down is good because it allows the spine to decompress.

Poor Posture

The last cause of back pain when sitting in horrible posture. Posture is something that very few people correct others on now in modern society. It is still essential though because excellent posture can even increase confidence. When you are sitting with poor posture, it puts your spine, neck, and shoulders in dangerous positions.

How To Improve Back Pain When Sitting

Start Your Daily Stretching Routine to Improve Low Back Pain When Sitting

It is a simple way to provide relief, but it will go a long way. Solving back pain when sitting starts with the psoas and hips. The psoas connects from the hip to the lower back. The problem with the psoas is that when it gets tight, it will pull your lower back towards your hips which is not good for sitting or running. You have to explicitly make sure that your psoas is healthy at all times before you can stretch other areas.

Once you get the psoas, you can start stretching your quads, abs, shoulders and every other area that gets scrunched down as the result of sitting for too long. The following stretches are a great place to get started.

Work to Improve Your Hip Mobility to Improve Low Back Pain When Sitting

When your hips do not move well, back pain is around the corner. There is no separating the two of these things. One of the best ways to improve hip mobility is with hurdle mobility drills. Hurdle mobility drills will help to strengthen your core, hips, glutes and also improve flexibility in the right areas to help your back and hips move independently. Making hip mobility a part of your daily routine is a healthy habit of building.

What If You Can’t Rehab Your Low Back Pain From Sitting Yourself?

Sometimes you can ice all you want, but a muscle is in pain because another area is not working or because it is protecting you. With the hips, for example, your back may be hurting because your psoas is doing too much work and it is also tight. The psoas may be doing too much work because your other hip flexors are not activating correctly. The chain reaction could keep going.

Sometimes you need the help of a sports medicine provider. Sports medicine providers are used to working with athletes that need to get results quickly, to get back on the field. If you are not an athlete, I am sure that you still want quick results.

There are many different options you can go with when looking for a provider. You could get a chiropractor, massage therapist, physical therapist or many other options. The key is finding someone you trust and that you are excited to work with.

How to Find The Best Healthcare Providers for Low Back Pain From Sitting

9INE POINT Health is the best place to find the health care providers you need for any injuries. It does not matter where you are hurting; a 9INE POINT Health provider will be able to get you healthy again. 9INE POINT allows you to find the best local providers and compare them quickly using the 9INE POINT Number.

If you have no idea what you need, but you know you need something, 9INE POINT Health is an injury guide, and you will get helped through the process. We make it easier for you to find the information and the person you are looking for.

Skills to Look for in a Healthcare Provider for Low Back Pain from Sitting:

  • Active Release Technique
  • Graston Technique
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy
  • Corrective exercises
  • Dry Needling
  • Sports Background
  • Functional Movement Screen
  • And more

These healthcare providers that are great at what they do will be able to give you a personalized plan to make sure you get rid of your lower back pain when sitting. Everyone’s body is different, and there is no better learn what you need than to have an expert put their hands on you and help you figure out what you need to do.

KHO Health was acquired by was acquire by 9INE POINT in the summer of 2019 and is now referred to as 9INE POINT Health.

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9INE POINT Health was created by 9INE POINT in '19 as a means to provide athlete-driven resources to "Protect Athletes' Minds, Body and Belly". As well as be a platform for healthcare providers and other specialists to display their knowledge.


9INE POINT Health was created by 9INE POINT in '19 as a means to provide athlete-driven resources to "Protect Athletes' Minds, Body and Belly". As well as be a platform for healthcare providers and other specialists to display their knowledge.


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