Open Fracture/Compound Fracture – Everything You Need to Know

An open fracture which is also known as a compound fracture is not a pretty injury. We hope you never have one or see one, but they are always a possibility. Open fractures can occur primarily if you engage in physical or dangerous sports and activities. It is essential that you know the signs and deals with this injury the right way to prevent future problems.

Open Fracture - Compound Fracture

What is an Open Fracture?

An open fracture is where a bone breaks and punctures the skin exposing the body and muscle to the outer elements. An open fracture is treated differently compared to a closed fracture because there is a wound that needs to be cared for. When the bone is exposed to out elements, it increases the chances of infection from dirt and other things. The wound and bone must be cleaned surgically as soon as possible before the bone can be put back in place and stabilized.

Symptoms of Open Fracture

Open fractures are some of the easiest to spot because there will be a deformed body part with a white body showing or possibly other tissue exposed. The injury victim will most likely be in a lot of pain.

The wound can be an also be a very tiny puncture that is hard to see in some cases. None the less it can still be infected just as quickly, and it needs immediate medical attention.

Causes of Open Fracture

Open fractures are caused by events with enough energy to create a violent fracture. These events include but are not limited to football tackles, gunshots, and motor vehicle accidents.

On the other hand, the injuries can also be a result of lower energy events like a fall or a sports injury that puts the body in an awkward position causing the bone to break the skin.

How to Heal Open Fracture?

The setting in which a fracture makes a difference. If it happens in a clean car or a home the chances of infection decrease. If it happens anywhere with dirty glass or other objects, there is a much higher risk of infection. It is important that the setting of the injury is communicated to the doctor.

In many cases of an infected bone, the path the doctor will choose is to use open fracture antibiotics. The use of the antibiotics is usually a long-term approach to help make sure that there is no infection left. In worst case scenarios with fay a compound fractured leg, an amputation may be needed if the infection cannot be contained. Again, this is an absolute worst case situations dealing with a compound break.

Doctor Examination for Compound Fracture

Open compound fractures are an emergency injury that should not be taken lightly. The doctor will do a quick evaluation to check:

  • Medical history
  • The story behind the damage
  • Other injuries

There will almost always be an x-ray ordered to check the severity of the fracture. This includes looking for the number of breaks as well as the degree of separation of the bone. Antibiotics will be admitted right away, and the leg will most likely be put into a splint to prevent movement before surgery.

Rehab A Compound Fracture Right

After surgery, the most crucial stage of the compound fracture is the rest and rehab stages. During rest, it is essential that you do not do anywhere bearing. As tempting as it may be, you will only delay your own recovery time. Bone needs to be stress-free to heal.

The problem with this stress-free time is that the muscle surrounding the bone will have suffered atrophy and be a lot smaller. The only way to protect the bone is to build this muscle back up and gradually begin walking again.

The rehab phase will consist of learning to bear weight again while building up the muscle around the bone. If you are an athlete, it will require a longer and more aggressive rehab.

Finding Best Rehab Assistance for Compound Fracture

It is essential that you work with the best healthcare providers for your rehab. 9INE POINT Health is the best place to do that. 9INE POINT Health allows you to search for healthcare providers based on type and skill set as well. For example, you may want to work with a physical therapist that has an athletic background and specializes in leg injuries. You can search for all three of those criteria and find the best local options. You can compare 9INE POINT Numbers of each of the healthcare providers to make it easier to choose the best.

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