The Way Of The Warrior For Athletes


Having a solid foundation of integrity is essential for all people. For warriors, however, they had to be trusted to accomplish missions and live up to their word no matter what it may be. The way of the warrior rings true for athletes as well.

Athletes need this intangible as well. If you are on a sports team, your coach and teammates need to believe that you are a person of integrity.

It is important to gel as a team. If you are an athlete in an individual sport, you need to have integrity. Not to please others but to keep yourself on the path of progress!

Respect The Way Of The Warrior

There is no reason for you to be cruel to others, You should be courteous to others, even your enemy. This is how warriors lived their lives. They showed great respect for those they had to fight because if they came into any fight with too much confidence or little respect for those they are about to engage in combat with they could and most likely would be killed.

Now, athletes are not going to be killed because they lack respect, but if you go into any sport disrespecting your opponent, you could miss something that ends up bringing victory to the other team. Take the time to prepare for every opponent equally.


Do not be a turtle hiding in its shell. That is the way of the warrior. You must use aggression, and act as a default. Do not be afraid to look a fool, or scared to do what you want. It is the war of the warrior to have courage.

For athletes, you have to be willing to do what is needed to excel. Train that extra hour. Do that extra recovery session. You must be willing to sacrifice your self for glory on the field. Do not attack your sport as a turtle hiding in its shell.


You have to be willing to carry out all orders with 100% effort. That is what it is to be a warrior. If you are given a job to do, you must be willing to put forth your entire being to accomplish it.

As an athlete, you may be given a task to complete by a coach. This Task should be taken on with conviction. Take ownership of the jobs handed down to you. They are now yours to complete and to complete it with honor; you must finish it with all of your beings. That is the way of the warrior.


We all have come from some form of hardship. You must show care and love for those that are of less power and station than you. If you are an athlete who is a leader. A team captain or a veteran of the sport. You should take the time to look after those coming up in the sport. Do your best to guide them forward.

The way of the warrior is to take care of the weak. The purpose of the strong is to protect the vulnerable. Make those who seem weak, strong. You were once weak as well. Remember this in your interactions.


Lying is dishonorable. Saying you will do something with never having the intention to do it is also a shameful task. IF you are an athlete and your coach asks you to finish a training session, and you tell him or her that you will do it, but have no intention on doing it that is only going to serve against you.

Lying to yourself and your coach only wastes both you and more importantly the time of people putting effort into your success.


Jumping from master to master is the sign of a coward. The way of the warrior is to be loyal to one. Now, this virtue is very serious for warriors even today. You do not leave your tribe or clan, or team for nothing. You should be full of pride, and love for your team, or your coach. Loyalty is the sign of an athlete who loves the team they are on. They will play with veracity for the team they are on. It is an excellent quality to have


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