Tribulations Expose The Real You

It is the times where everything seems to be going wrong that expose your real character. Who you are is not how you act when everything in your life is going just right, because anyone can deal with that. Your real nature is shown when you feel like you’re backed into the corner, and you have nowhere left to turn.

Everyday people quit and people back down from their problems, only to turn back months or years later and regret not pushing themselves out of that corner.  Then there are those who throw everything they have away by engaging in destructive behavior like excessive partying, bad relationships, and outright laziness.

Then, when things do not go right, they have the nerve to wonder why??

Don’t Leave Any Room for Regret.

Everyone has times in their life where they struggle, and they feel like they cannot push on. Keep striving for your goals, even when it seems so unattainable because that is the true essence of the character.  Wake up every day and ask yourself two questions.

  • Yesterday did I do everything I could to get better?
  • How can I get a little better today

If you answer these truthfully, your faults will be exposed. The power is in your hands. The truth is in your own hands, and you have 100% control of your destiny regardless of your circumstances. You cannot control the weather, but you can make sure that you don’t give up because of it.

How Tribulations Expose You

When things are going great in life, it is easy to wake up and smile every day because you are well within your comfort zone. You feel safe and like success will last forever. If you want to make a significant impact in life though you have to show people what you are made of when the odds are against you.

We don’t fully respect people until we understand what they have been through. It shows that our success was not just handed to us. There is a  reason why Paris Hilton does not get respect. It is because she was just awarded a fortune. She did not have to grind or struggle to get it.

Tribulations Show How Bad You Want It

It is easy to want when you want when every day is filled with joy and progress. It is easy to be in that relationship when everything is rosy and romantic and doing well. When things start to break down, or problems begin to creep in what is your zest like then?

What happens to many people is they seem not to want what they said they wanted as much. All of a sudden when things get hard they just slowly start to disappear because you only wanted what you thought would come easy.

The champions get tougher as life gets more robust. The harder the challenge gets, the harder you must understand. The higher the expectation, the more you rise to the challenge. This is the only way to prove that you have the toughness for true success.

Tribulations Push You to Your Breaking Point

When you want to quit you are often closest to the gold, you desire. The problem is that we quit a few feet short of the destination. Tribulations are made to bring us to the breaking point because it is these moments that make success valuable.

Think about it for a second. Would making the NBA or becoming a billionaire be a big deal if everyone was doing it? Not a chance, it is difficulty and rareness that make success worth it. The more difficult, the more valuable. When something is hard to lean into it and appreciate it because it is what keeps the weak people out. As long as the vulnerable people stay out, the reward will be great.


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