Deep Tissue Massage Side Effects You Should Know About

Deep Tissue Massage Side Effects You Should Know About

After getting a deep tissue massage you may be sore. The deep tissue massage side effects are important to understand. Without understanding, you may panic and think that you should never get a deep tissue massage again. A deep tissue massage is a very aggressive form of treatment. A lot of time you only get a deep tissue massage when your body is really sore and tight and you just feel like you can’t push your body anymore. A deep tissue massage will strip the muscle down and allow it to get a fresh start.

The biggest problem with massages is most people think of them as being these candlelit wonderful experiences when the truth is that it can be much different. If you are an athlete, you are not getting a massage for comfort but actually for performance. To get the best of your body that sometimes means it is going to be painful.

It is essential that you understand what a deep tissue massage is so you can get the most out of it. When a massage therapist gives a massage, they are trying to press into the muscle with a lot of pressure to try and strip the muscle of toxins and tension. Let’s dig into the deep tissue massage side effects.

Deep Tissue Massage Side Effects

Pain and Soreness

One of the first deep tissue massage side effects will always be pain or soreness. This might seem like a complete rip off at first because you probably got a massage to feel better, not worse. This is also the reason why athletes should never get a deep tissue massage close to a competition.

The treatment is breaking the muscle down, but you have to think regarding taking two steps backward to make a big jump forward later. When you are sore, it is because your body is getting rid of toxins and a lot of muscles were beaten up for the trigger points to release.


Lethargy can start during any massage outside of sports massage. Depending on your pain tolerance you may fall asleep. If not, you will definitely want to sleep after the fact. The reason for this lethargy is because is partially your central nervous system, and the second part is your muscle have just been turned into putty in a sense.

If you think of dough being stretched and kneaded, that is what is essentially happening to your muscles. There are weird deep tissue massage side effects because if you have practice or a game after the fact you will not compete at an optimal level. The best thing you can do is get a deep tissue massage after dinner, go home drink water watch some TV and hit your bed.


Bruising is the worst of the deep tissue massage side effects because it makes people freak out the most. It is the same when people get the Graston technique done on them. Some people just bruise easier than others.

A bruise is when there is bleeding under the skin, but the skin does actually break. Sometimes muscles are that damaged and tight, and they need work that the result happens to be bruising. Just know that you will need a few days to heal up but it will go away pretty quickly.

Headaches and Nausea

The best thing you can do to avoid both of these deep tissue massage side effects is hydrate yourself before the massage. When you are not hydrated your body will not transport the toxins pushed out of the muscles as well.

Think of a hot summer day when you are not hydrated, one of the first symptoms is a headache. Now if you go and get a deep tissue massage and your tired and all beat up after, without water in the body, it will function at a suboptimal level.

Injuries That Feel Worse

Here is the danger with massage, it is not in the scope of their practice to evaluate injuries. If you know you have an injury you want to go to a sports physician, physical therapist, athletic trainer, etc… The reason is that they can evaluate you and tell you if you are hurt.

The worst side effect of a deep tissue massage is making an injury worse. If you suspect you have a tear of any kind, the worst thing you can do is get an aggressive massage. It will most likely increase swelling and possibly make the tear worse. Get evaluated before suffering the worst of the deep tissue massage side effects. 

The Right Time for a Deep Tissue Massage

  • When a torn muscle is healed
  • When there is a break in training
  • On a bye week
  • When you have enough days to recover before a game
  • Times where you are dealing with a lot of stress
  • When you have a very tight muscle that may lead to an injury
  • When your muscles are tired
  • At a time when taking on the deep tissue massage side effects seems worth it

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How to Find a Good Healthcare Provider for Deep Tissue Massage

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