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Ep. 108 The Power of Never Giving Up with Team USA Paralympian Brian Bell

Brian Bell Podcast ep 108

The Power of Never Giving Up with Team USA Paralympian Brian Bell

In this episode of the Started With A Dream Podcast presented by 9INE POINT, Brian Bell joins our host Jacolby Gilliam as he recounts his story as a Paralympics gold medalist. Brian is a pro wheelchair basketball player and 2x Paralympic gold medalist. Brain shares with us today, his uplifting and inspiring story as a young athlete that lost a leg and his path to success despite all odds.

Brian starts off by discussing his dream as a young athlete that wanted to play football and how this dream changed when he was involved in an accident that changed his life. He talks about how he never gave up and how he continues to enjoy sports with a prosthetic leg. He describes how he found interest in basketball and decided to go all in despite not being big enough. His motto “back-to-back cuts to back-to-back goals” motivated Brian to not only work hard to make the national team but also win gold at the Paralympics. Brian believes you can achieve anything you set your heart to do and calls on athletes with disabilities to try everything and stay determined.

Key Points:


“Finding sports again, and that support network from friends and family helped tremendously.”

“If you’re younger and you have a disability, I will say just try everything.”

“I try to maximize as much of my flaws as possible to be a more well-rounded basketball player.”

“Back-to-back cuts to back-to-back goals.”

“If you really want to accomplish it, put in the extra work, make sure that you put in all the hours, make sure that you maximize all of the different areas that you can use to increase skills.”

“Even though I was not the biggest guy out there, I was able to use my speed, my skills, and intelligence, to level out some of the more fiscally gifted athletes or older athletes at the time.”

“I am going to represent my country at the world stage and be able to compete against the best of the best in my sport. It was just a surreal, amazing feeling.”

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