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Ep 109 Taking The Chance Is Worth It with Pro Volleyball Player Maggie Speaks

Maggie Speaks 9ine point podcast

Taking The Chance Is Worth It with Pro Volleyball Player Maggie Speaks

In this episode of the Started With A Dream Podcast presented by 9INE POINT, Jacolby Gilliam interviews Maggie Speaks, a Pro volleyball athlete, and North Carolina State University, graduate. Maggie is currently entering her fifth season as a pro volleyballer and is represented by Athletes Abroad Management. Today, Maggie shares her story from hating volleyball as a young athlete to falling in love with the sport and facing challenges along the way that almost made her give up.

Maggie begins by sharing her dream of becoming an Olympian when she was just in kindergarten. Growing up with a family that was involved in sports drove Maggie to develop an interest in sports. She talks about taking a liking to soccer and basketball but was less interested in volleyball at first because it proved to be difficult. She discusses what drew her to volleyball and finally how she navigated the struggles of finding a college to play for. Despite not being her dream college, she was able to grab the opportunity and play at North Carolina State University. She shares some of the mental struggles she faced as a student-athlete and advises younger athletes to always prioritize their mental health, have fun along the way and never give up.

Key Points:

  • Maggie’s dream when she was younger
  • Growing up around sports
  • Maggie’s decision to play Volleyball amidst other sports
  • What drew Maggie to volleyball
  • Playing for North Carolina State University
  • Being a freshman in a big university while navigating volleyball
  • How being a collegiate athlete affects your mental health
  • Steps to overcome your mental health struggles as a student-athlete
  • Maggie discusses going pro
  • Maggie’s advice to his younger self
  • Cultural differences Maggie encountered overseas
  • Maggie speaks on being a role model to her younger teammates


“I was that kid in practice that every time I made a mistake, I would cry.”

“Maybe it’s not exactly what I had expected, or what I wanted, but in the end, it ended up being for the better. We beat USC every year for four years.”

“I didn’t fully mature into that student-athlete role until my senior year. ”

“ I wish that I would have let go a little bit more, especially in those college years, and just really tried to enjoy where I was at a little bit more.”

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