Cardio Training For Athletes: Circuit Workouts

Cardio Training For Athletes: Circuit Workouts

The term ‘cardiovascular‘ may be described as the capability and efficiency of the body to receive oxygen and blood and adequately circulate them to your muscles. Cardio training is excellent for preventing many diseases of the vital organs and can even lower blood pressure. It is such a great exercise that any athlete could do regardless of their sports discipline.

There are many advantages to adopting a cardiovascular training workout program. Some athlete’s workout regimen entails a routine of lifting weights a couple of days every week, but the benefits are limited and training only focuses on certain muscle groups.

Overall wellbeing and your heart can be impacted by cardio, and weight training is beneficial and essential for keeping you fit and full of energy.

Which Cardio Is Right For You?

Cardio Training For Athletes: Circuit Workouts

The amount of time you’re able to spend doing cardio on a weekly basis doing cardio may differ greatly from that of your colleagues. Based on your own fitness goals. For example, if you’re an athlete that’s trying to enhance your cardiovascular health without losing or gaining weight, the general rule is for you to do cardio for at least 30 minutes daily.

You sure wouldn’t want to do too many cardio workouts if you’re a hard gainer trying to acquire a desired amount of weight because cardio is known to be an excellent weight loss exercise.

Combining cardio to their daily/weekly workout regimen can work anybody if it’s done for approximately 20 minutes per session. Should you want include a cardio regimen while working on a personal weight-gain program. We recommend that you raise your daily calorie intake and consume a healthy amount of proteins.

Rapid weight loss requires another approach. Engaging in approximately 20-40 minutes of cardio for each session. 3-5 times each week ought to be sufficient for you to successfully get rid of those extra pounds while you reduce your daily calorie intake as required.

For people who are overweight, or have never completed any kind of cardio training. Doing it 3 times per week for 20-minute sessions could be an excellent starting point. When just starting out with cardio. Very low-intensity cardio exercises like walking ought to be performed for individuals that are overweight.

Athletes in great shape can do higher intensity cardio exercises. Weight loss is still one of the most important reasons why people engage in cardio training because just about anyone can reap the benefits of a good cardio training program.

Knowing Your Target Heart Rate

Cardio Training For Athletes: Circuit Workouts

Finding out your target heart rate is quite important for determining the amount of time you need to spend on your cardio training program. As well as the intensity you need to be doing it at.

So before you start any cardio training program at all, first find out your target heart rate. There are two kinds of workouts that directly affect your cardiovascular system. They are aerobic and anaerobic workouts.

Aerobic Exercises

Whenever oxygen is being used by your body work during cardio, it’s called an ‘aerobic exercise’. In this case, Oxygen acts as a fuel to drive your body movements during the exercise.

Anaerobic Exercises

Cardio Training For Athletes: Circuit Workouts

In anaerobic exercises, oxygen is not required to fuel body movements. The two kinds of exercises are crucial to an effective training regimen. A simple aerobic exercise is walking. Simple anaerobic exercises include weightlifting, sprints, and climbing.

Circuit Training Basics

Circuit training is a very effective type of cardiovascular training. It usually involves a setup of ‘circuits’ at intervals that you will need to complete before going on to the next. In every circuit, exercises will be performed by participants for a time interval. Circuit training’s objective is to increase agility and strength while boosting physical fitness at the same time. A number of studies have shown that circuit training is one of the most effective workouts to boost muscle endurance and heart function.

There are various benefits of choosing to get involved in a circuit training program instead of routine or your weight training as well as combining the advantages of both. Circuit training can be built to incorporate a complete body workout.

A circuit training regimen doesn’t need you to have a membership at a fitness club. Expensive gym equipment, or a standard sports facility to have a thorough body workout. In fact, most circuit training classes assist newbie athletes by allowing them to be paired with other more experienced athletes and trainers to learn the fundamentals.

Another great advantage of circuit training over other types of workouts is that it could help to boost your active heart rate. Which will allow you to burn zones that are pure sugar and fat. Lean muscles can then be developed as the rapid loss of fat takes place. This is a great way to trim down rather than just losing ‘water weight.’

Circuit training can also be personalized for everyone, regardless of sex, age, or current physical fitness level. The aim of Circuit training is to encourage athletes to put in the maximum exertion that will enable them to attain their maximum target heart rate within a specified period.

Spicing Things Up

Always ensure that you combine cardiovascular and strength training components when building a circuit training regimen. For example, you can build a circuit in which individual circuits include standard resistance equipment, weights (e.g. dumbbells), and hydraulic-based training machines. You could even include callisthenic workouts in your circuit training program.

Between each circuit, you need to exert yourself to achieve a heart rate far above your resting heart rate. Circuit training courses could last from as little as 20 minutes up to an hour with a number of sprints. Strength training and running drills combined. You could also watch a few circuit training classes on the internet. You can get some inspiration to build your own program.

Last Words

Circuit training is a superb way to condense all the workout elements you need to enhance into one standard course. By learning how to organize a circuit training course. You’ll be able to free up more time for other aspects of your coaching program. Your sports performance will be greatly improved.

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9INE POINT Health was created by 9INE POINT in '19 as a means to provide athlete-driven resources to "Protect Athletes' Minds, Body and Belly". As well as be a platform for healthcare providers and other specialists to display their knowledge.


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