Abdominal Muscle Strain – Symptoms and Treatment

Healthy abdominal muscles are essential for athletes, bodybuilders, and models as their abdominals constitute an integral tool to aid their various crafts. An abdominal muscle strain will make it challenging to perform athletic movements without pain. Even if you are not an athlete, an abdominal muscle strain can affect basic everyday activities like standing and sitting down.

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Pain is the most obvious symptom of an abdominal muscle strain. Have you been experiencing any abdominal pain recently? If yes, you may have an ab strain that needs treatment. One of the leading causes of strain in the abdominals is muscle overuse. When muscles have been overworked for a period, they eventually strain due to not being able to handle the stress.

Abdominal Muscle Strain – What Are Abdominal Muscles?

The abdominal muscles are a select group of muscles that surround the truck.

The essential abdominal muscles:

  • External oblique muscles
  • Internal oblique muscles
  • Rectus abdominis

If any of these muscles are strained, it will affect the entire core. It will be painful to do any form of planks or anything that is flexing these muscles in any way. An abdominal muscle strain may not seem like a big deal until it is hurt and it hurts to move at all.

Abdominal Muscle Strain

Abdominal Muscle Strain – What Are The Functions Of The Abdominal Muscles?

The muscles of the abdomen help the body in some of the following ways:

  • Breathing Assitance
  • Protecting the organs located inside the abdomen
  • Movement and stabilization of the trunk

If someone is to hit you in the stomach while you have an abdominal muscle strain, you will still flex. The reason is that your abs need to protect your organs. Your body would rather sacrifice the abs than lose an organ.

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Abdominal Muscle Strain – What Exactly Is It?

An abdominal strain is merely the rupture or damage of any of the abdominal muscles. This rupture or tear can occur due to a variety of reasons:

  • Intense exercises
  • Excessive exercises
  • Overusing the abdominal muscles
  • Fast movements
  • Lifting heavy objects

As you can see from some of the factors listed above, athletes and individuals involved in rigorous workouts are usually are at a higher risk of abdominal muscle strains.

To get back in top shape and free of pain, you might need to see a sports medicine professional.

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Abdominal Muscle Strain – What Are The Signs And Symptoms To Look Out For?

 You should take note of the signs and symptoms we have listed below. If you realize that they match with some of the things you have been experiencing, then you should try your best to see a specialist that can take good care of you.

Signs and symptoms of abdominal muscle strain include some of the following:

  • Pain on stretching the abdominal muscles
  • Muscle spasms
  • Sudden sharp pain after intense physical activity
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness

How To Take Care Of Yourself Until You Can See a Sports Medicine Professional

After realizing that you might have an abdominal muscle strain, you should take the following steps:

  • Apply cold therapy on the site to help with the pain if it is too much to bear
  • Rest for a few days and abstain from exercises or stressful activities
  • Contact a specialist/ healthcare professional through 9INE POINT Health

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Abdominal Muscle Strain – Who Are The Healthcare Providers Involved In Treating Abdominal Muscle Strains?

The following specialists are involved in treating abdominal muscle strain:

Each professional has been trained to diagnose the pain properly you’re experiencing and use the right techniques to relieve them. 9INE POINT Health makes it easy to find the best provider local to you. You can search the database by provider type as well as skill set. Once you see some different options, you can compare healthcare providers based off of their 9INE POINT Number.

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