How Disadvantages Can Become Our Advantage

What I am about to say is going to blow your mind. What if I told you that the things we think hold us back give us huge advantages? How about, the lack of money, time, resources were the thing that would push us over the top. The truth of life is that we have to know idea what a real advantage in life. Advantages come from how we use our situations as opposed to what they consist of.

Money is NOT Always an Advantage

If money were always an advantage, it would help me that the people with the most money would always win. It means that Netflix would have never have beaten Blockbuster. If money were always an advantage, it would mean that kids could never be spoiled by it.

Most people say they can’t do something because they don’t have money, but what a lack of money can do is make us much more creative. For example, if you don’t have a gym in your home, you can get creative and find ways to workout that still works out just as well.

It is hard to work your ass off when you come from money. It is no impossible, but it is just harder. The reason is that you know things are taken care of. When you come from poverty, you know that if things do not work, you may not even have a meal. That creates a different type animal and hunger to succeed.

On the outside looking in the world will say that success goes to the person with the most resources all of the time. So we fight to get in that position because statistically, it is easier. You are not a statistic though, and you hear and ready to break barriers.

Time is Not an Always an Advantage

We regularly make excuses for the things we can’t do due to not having enough time. The reality of the matter is that it does not matter.

They were saying goes that if you want something done ask a busy person to do it. The reason for this saying is because working people make the most of each second and they don’t have time for excuses. They don’t look for what they can’t do because they are too focused on what they can do.

Being constrained for time can produce the best results. The reason is that it creates focus when we have a deadline. Just think about getting an assignment done for school or work. If you have unlimited time you feel zero pressure to work and often nothing gets done. The second we are given a deadline it creates focus and focus are needed for our creative mind to activate.

Having less time to society means you have no chance. Many have figured out how to use their lack of time to their advantage to succeed.

Abundance is Not Always an Advantage

We currently live in a society obsessed with having more. Don’t believe that? Look at all of the storage facilities popping up? Look at garages and basement and shows like Hoarders. We have more stuff than ever, and we still think we need more. We never have enough.

The reason is that we think more is always better. Athletes believe doing more workouts is always better. Eating more food is always better. The obsession with abundance is killing us because it eventually starts working against us.

Food is a great example. If we have no food, we start to die, and that is not good. But most people are eating too much food. We have so much food in abundance; we eat it like it will be our last chance ever to eat.

Then before you know the advantage of having so much food turns into obesity and other complications. All a sudden the advantage switches to the people who lived their lives a bit hungrier. Life works in crazy ways.

Use What You Don’t Have to Win

Everyone is missing something. Arnold Schwarzenegger could not speak great. He figured out how to use the perfect command of the English language that he did not have to his advantage. Mougey Bouges was way below average when it comes to height, and he found a way to make it being 5’3 in the NBA.

What is it that you don’t have that people say is your disadvantage? How can you use it to blow past the competition? When you are different, it makes it easier for you in some ways because people don’t expect what you bring to the table.

Winners are great at doing this, and if you want to win in the long run, you need to be great at it as well.

Change Your Perspective

Your perspective right now may say that you must be over 6 feet tall to be in the NBA. Mougsey Bouges had a different perspective. He realized that because most people thought this and most NBA players were used to guarding taller players, it would be tough for people to guard him.

Once you change your perspective, you make that thing that others said would hold you out and you make it your superpower. The very thing people prepared to use against you, is not going to be used for you.

Once you change your perspective, you starting seeing the truth. The truth is that it is no good and bad. Being broke has many advantages, being wealthy does as well. One creates the hunger to be better, and the other can creates complacency.

How Slavery Created Great Athletes

The last example I want to give is a long-term example of how disadvantage can create an advantage. The reason people of African descent tend to excel at sports has a lot to do with the slave trade. The slave trade which is a negative and has created a lot of disadvantages.

Slavery is devastating to humans, and it creates very harsh conditions. Only the strongest can survive, and only the strong are breed together. Over 400 years of this disadvantage and you end up with only genetic freaks left. The disadvantage ended up creating an advantage that no one thought about at the time.

In Conclusion

Are you ready to change your perspective and start using your weaknesses to be great? Life is full of opportunities to be great, but we miss them because they are often buried in work and what others call disadvantages.

Starting now we are going to change this. We are going to see our disadvantages for what they can be. We are going to re-evaluate what it means to have an advantage in life. This one shift in perspective has changed the lives of many before you, and it can change your life as well.


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