The Importance Of Keeping Things Simple

Keeping Things Simple Stupid

Athletes nowadays, much like the entirety of youth are bombarded with Facebook posts, Instagram models, and funny snap chats. Not to mention they have to deal with an ever-expanding list of training styles and expectations on being the best inside the classroom.

It is not difficult to see how a kid these days could become confused. It is more important to keep things simple. Do not over complicate your relationships with others, your phone, and most importantly with your training.

Do not read deeper into things that you need to. Also, follow what is asked of you. Do not be afraid to ask questions if you need to that also do not start worrying about the smallest details. That is a waste of your mental capital.

Cut The Fluff

Material goods are everywhere now. Amazon and other retail outlets have made it easy to buy things that you simply don’t need. You need to take stock of things in your life. Ask yourself honestly what you think needs to stay or what needs to go.

What needs to be in your life. Does it have a purpose? If not get rid of it. When it comes to your training you can apply the same attitude. If it is not there for a reason do not do it. You can spend your time doing things that are effective.

It is important to spend your time doing the things that bring you closer to your goals. Everything else that simply takes up your time needs to be shunned. Keep the things that work and get rid of the things that do. keep things simple.

The Importance Of Simple

Why does it matter if things are simple or if things are complicated? Wouldn’t complicated things be better? The answer to that is well… depends. However, for the sake of this article, it is not.

There is only so much space in the brains of humans. We are only capable of really caring about few things. We are only capable of dedicating ourselves fully to a few things at a time.

In order for us to focus fully on our goals, we should have that goal clear in our minds. Allowing external things to cloud it only serves to complicate things.

Keeping things simple is a great way to keep your mind clear of confusion. It is not that you are dumb or can’t handle complicated subjects. In fact, finding the simple way to do things is a sign of intelligence.

People also need to understand that just because something is simple does not mean that it is easy to accomplish. I will argue that when you make things complicated all you are doing is trying to make the end result easier to achieve.

Keeping Your Head In The Game

When you are doing things out of instinct and with conviction you are going to be able to perform at a higher level. Keeping things simple is the key to achieving this level of performance.

If you are trying to do complicated things during training or competition you are only serving to hinder your performance. Having to overthink during your game or match is going to take away from your ability to get it done.

You have been training for years for this competition, for this game, for this match. The movements and the way in which you attack your sport are going to determine your level of success in it. You should almost be in a state of flow during this times it matters.

Adding in new wrinkles into your training can and will get your mind off of the things you already know how to do well into questioning yourself. The second you question yourself you lose.

Prioritize Your Energy

This is a  simple concept. Put the time and effort into things that are going to bring you some form of result. Spending time doing things you know are generally just a waste of time is a serious waste of your energy.

There is only a certain amount of mental capital that we all have. An account that only has so much energy. You do not want to be wasting all of that energy on things that is not necessary.

For example. If you know that you only have the focus or attention span to get through a tough workout that lasts 2 hours. Once those 2 hours is up you find yourself just lagging or forgetting what to do.

So you know that your attention span is around 2 hours. Those 2 hours should be filled with training exercises and knowledge that pertain directly to what you’re trying to do. Do the things you know work.

Now you can say it is good to try new things, you would be correct in saying that. I am not advocating against it. I am saying you should try new things that have been proven to work. If you re going to take the time to break new ground on something it should be done at the very beginning of the offseason.

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