Workout Of The Week: Jump Rope, Squats, Push Ups

Today’s workout is another simple one; you will need three things. Your jump rope, your body, and a timer. That is it. This is a great workout to do for those who are tight on time, or looking to get in a decent conditioning session for the morning:The perimeters for this workout are this. You will have 30 seconds for each movement and then 15 seconds rest between movements. Once one round is down, you will take a minute break and repeat it 2-4 more times depending on your fitness level.Jump Rope (freestyle have fun if you can do the moves)restBody Weight SquatsrestJump RoperestPush UpsrestJump RoperestBodyweight SquatsrestJump RoperestPush-ups

Jump Rope

Jump rope

Jumping rope has been looked at as something you do when you are a kid or a professional boxer, but the reality is that it can be a fantastic cardio improving tool. It is simple, timeless and practical. It will increase your coordination, and footwork alongside builds a robust cardiovascular system.There are plenty of tricks and moves you can do while you are jumping rope and if you are capable of doing them, by all means, have fun with the workout. However, if you can only do regular bounce that is fine as well.A few modifications to the workout when it comes to using a jump rope are these. You can use a heavy rope, if you have access to heavy ropes then, by all means, use them. They are a great teaching tool for those who are new to using a jump rope only because it helps give the user awareness of where the rope is, but more importantly, it is a great way to increase the difficulty of your training session. Heavier ropes are harder to turn which increases the amount calories burned.

Body weight Squats

back squat

Body weight squats are straightforward. Get your feet in a good position have your toes point slightly outward. Have your torso straight and push your knees out as you lower into the bottom position. The bottom is when your hip joint breaks the plain of your knee joint. Simple as that. When are you doing this for 30 seconds you want to get yourself into a good rhythm, don’t rush and start bouncing everywhere, but also don’t go so slow that you get three squats in 30 seconds. Find a nice pace and stick to it.You can modify this aspect of the movement by having a weight vest on, the weight vest will effect the entirety of your workout but if you are willing to try it then go ahead. This would not be great for beginners but excellent for the more advanced athlete.

Push Ups

Push up are easy enough, you can modify them however you see fit. Change your hand positions, add a weight vest, use a resistance band to increase or decrease loads. You can even do knee push-ups if you are not at the fitness level to do full push-ups.You are going to want to have a straight body from toes, to head, keep your elbows in and do not sag in the middle of your body as you do your push-ups. Like the squats, you don’t want to bang them out rapid fire, and you don’t want to go so slow that you don’t get many in during the 30 second time. Find a really good rhythm and stick to it!.

In Conclusion

When you re completing this workout you will be done within 30-40 minutes, and you will be torched. Make sure you are pushing the pace as you get in better shape. You can modify each movement however you need to make it more or less challenging. The most important thing is to have fun with what you are doing at all times. Get out there and get it done!

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