Triceps Brachii – Anatomy, Purpose And Injury Prevention

The triceps brachii, also known as ‘triceps’, are one of the most popular muscles in the body. It is almost as popular as the rectus abdominis due to the amount the muscle is worked. This muscle is popular because it is one of the muscles of the upper arm that tends to bulge out in weightlifters or people who work out regularly.

In this article, we will be discussing the anatomy of the triceps brachii muscle, the various functions of this critical muscle and what to do to prevent injuries to this muscle.

Anatomy of Triceps Brachii

Triceps Brachii

The tricep is a large muscle in the upper arm of the body and is made up of three heads namely:

  • Long head – Which originates from around the scapular (also known as the wing bone).
  • Medial head – Which has its origin around the humerus bone.
  • Lateral head – Which also originated from around the humerus bone.

The three heads of the triceps brachii all come together to form a thick tendon. The nerve supply of this muscle is from the radial nerve while the blood supply is from the branches of the deep brachial artery. The blood supply allows nutrients and oxygen to be transferred to this particular muscle. This will enable it to perform its functions optimally.

Functions of Triceps Brachii

The triceps brachii performs the following functions:

  • Stabilization Of The Shoulder Joint: Although the muscle is not the only muscle in the body that helps with the stabilization of the shoulder joint, it is one of the most important muscles that perform that function.

It performs this function by keeping the head of the humerus in its most appropriate position in the shoulder joint and prevents it from slipping.

  • Extension Movement Of The Arm: The triceps brachii helps the shoulder joint in performing a movement known as extension. An extension is a type of straightening movement that increases the angle between a part of the body and the rest of the body.
  • Fixation Of The Elbow: It helps to fixate or keep the elbow in place when performing tasks with the hands such as writing.

Triceps Brachii Injury – Signs and Symptoms

Your triceps brachii may be injured if you notice any of the following:

  • Pain when you extend your elbow
  • Pain at the back of your upper arm or pain felt at the elbow
  • A popping sensation at the back of the upper arm
  • Pain upon stretching the triceps muscle
  • Tricep is painful to touch

 Triceps Brachii Injury – Treatment

  • Medical History and Physical Examination: The Doctor will ask some questions about the signs and symptoms listed above and also physically examine you.
  • Investigation: You may be in need of getting imaging done for better understanding of the injury
  • Treatment: The Doctor will place you on drugs (usually painkillers) to relieve any pain might be feeling. Also, the Doctor might refer you to a Physical Therapist for rehabilitation or a Surgeon for definitive treatment. It is important that you choose a route that is best for your long-term goals.
  • The best route is to see a sports medicine healthcare provider because they usually can find natural ways to go about healing injury

Triceps Brachii Injury – Prevention

  • Ensure that you rest your muscles after a period of intense physical activities.
  • Apply ice to your triceps brachii after a period of intense physical activities.
  • Do gentle elbow movements regularly to prevent stiffness of your triceps brachii
  • Get treatment as soon as possible

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KHO Health was acquired by was acquire by 9INE POINT in the summer of 2019 and is now referred to as 9INE POINT Health.

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9INE POINT Health was created by 9INE POINT in '19 as a means to provide athlete-driven resources to "Protect Athletes' Minds, Body and Belly". As well as be a platform for healthcare providers and other specialists to display their knowledge.


9INE POINT Health was created by 9INE POINT in '19 as a means to provide athlete-driven resources to "Protect Athletes' Minds, Body and Belly". As well as be a platform for healthcare providers and other specialists to display their knowledge.


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