9INE POINT Magazine ISSUE 01: The Year of The Underdogs Featuring AJ Rompza

9INE POINT Magazine Issue:01 Year of The Underdog feating AJ Rompza is now available

So a year ago around this time I just left a cool sports startup because I wanted to do more in sports. You know like my purpose was drawing me towards a different mission.

A mission to create a space for athletes to know their stories are heard and valued. A place without judgment for their reactions to situations, their motives or their character. Completely Athlete-Driven.

My goal for 9INE POINT Magazine is to be apart of the change in innovating the sports culture rather than accepting it the way it is.

After a year I can truly say we are really on that path with the inaugural issue of 9INE POINT Magazine. The Year of The Underdog feature AJ Rompza that former UCF guard and now an entrepreneur, basketball trainer, motivational speaker and more.

All an underdog needs is an opportunity.


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